Friday: 2pm to 5pm – 250 lots of memorabilia followed by collector cars

Saturday 10:00am to 10:30am – 40 lots of memorabilia followed by collector cars

Sunday 11:00am – collector cars



N001 Pair of original 1955 Ontario license plates
N002  Hot Wheels gift set in original packing
N003  1970’s Blushing Willy Drinker with original box
N004  Ford Thermometer –  23″ tall X 7″ wide
N005 1950’s  Zenith Radio -Working
N006 Coca-ColaThermometer
N007  Coca -Cola Chalkboard  28 “X 20”
N008  Freightliner Neon clock
N009  Raybestos  Brakes Thermometer
N010 Creemore Brewery Car Cooler
N011  MTD  Parts & Service sign -SST   36″ X 22″
N012  Firestone letter F  23″ X 21″
N013 Coca -Cola Button  20″
N014  A/C  Delco Cabinet  22″ X 16″ X 5″
N015 Framed Sleepy Time Motel Print  36″ X 25″
N016 Framed  Harley Davidson Print  36″ X 25″
N017 Radio Controlled Midnight Crusher Truck- complete with controller, instructions, box.  1/10 scale
N018 Radio Controlled Sea Comet Boat with box-  NO remote
N019  Golf Ball Vending Machine
N020 Coors Light Metal Cooler
N021 1965 Muhammad Ali V Sonny Liston Framed Print  41″ X 28″
N022 1970’s Pachinko Machine
N023  Framed & Signed Laurel & Hardy Portrait
N024 Pepsi Sign – Single Sided Porcelain-  29″ X 12″
N025 1940’s Framed White Rose Paper Hat
N026 4 Head Beer Tap -Chrome
N027 Bud Light Neon Clock – Working
N028  Accident Sign  28″ X 20″
N029  Hanging Garage Sign 36″ X 32″ – 4 Parts-  Accessories, Shock , Lubrication, Filters
N030  Formula One Shell Sign- SST  66″ X 44″
N031 Planters Peanuts Door Push
N032  Embossed Howells Root Beer Sign 29″ X 8″  AAA Sign Co, Ohio
N033 Novel  Taxi Meter
N034  Ertl Live Stock Toy Truck – NOS in Original Box
N035 Heineken Windmill Beer Sign – Working
N036 Coca -Cola Radio & Tape Player
N037 Texaco Sky Chief Porcelain Sign 18″ X 12″
N038 Texaco Fire Chief  Porcelain Sign  18″ X 12″
N039 Texaco No Smoking Porcelain Sign 23″ X 4″
N040 Framed Signed & #’d Supertest Print
N041 Red Indian Oil Can Display
N042 Shell Brake Fluid Can Display
N043 White Rose Nilcor Can Display
N044 Coors Light 40 Neon- 2 colours
N045 Budweiser # 29-Kevin Harvick  Neon- 2 Colours
N046 Budweiser # 29-Kevin Harvick “Start your Engines”  Neon- 2 Colours
N047 Miller Genuine Draft Neon – 3 Colours
N048 Budweiser Armed Forces Neon- 4 Colours
N049 Budweiser Neon – 2 Colours
N050 Kings Hwy 3  Sign  28″ x 18″
N051 Kings Hwy 62 Sign  28″ X 18″
N052 Brass Fire Extinguisher
N053 John Deere Gumball Machine
N054 Transit Fare Box
N055 1971  Ford of Canada Award Clock – Working
N056 NOS  Beware of Traffic/ No parking porcelain sign – Ready Sign Co, NY  20″ X 14″ SSP
N057  Large Pepsi Bottle Cap
N058 Hamilton Beach Milk Shake Machine -3 head
N059 1961 S.T.M.S.  Wishing Well Chalkboard  27″ x 19″
N060 Minnitoy Department of Highways Truck
N061 Marlboro Man Neon – 5 Colours
N062 Red Indian Motor Oil Neon- 2 Colours
N063 Bottle Cap-Betty Boop- Ready for Duty Neon
N064 Miller High Life Bottle Cap Neon
N065 Midas Letters
N066 Borden’s Ice Cream DSP Sign with bracket  22″X21″
N067 Hershey Light- Up Ice Cream Sign  29″ x15″
N068 1950’s  Prevent fires SST Sign 17″x15″  NOS
N069 White Rose DSP Sign  18″x 17″
N070 Original Kist Push Bar
N071 Mail Pouch Thermometer  39″ X 8″
N072  Enjoy a Pepsi SSP Sign  29″ x 12″
N073 Framed Miniature Gas Pump Collection   48″ x 9″ x 3″
N074 Framed Miniature Gas Pump Collection  48″ x 9″ x 3″
N075 1960’s Diner Booth Jukebox-Wallbox
N076 5 Gal. Embossed Bulk Oil Can- Pan American Gas
N077 5 Gal. Supertest Bulk Oil Can
N078 3 Gas Cans – Various Sizes-Red Indian
N079 Large Coca-Cola Trash Can
N080 John Deere 7930 Pedal Tractor
N081 Ertl John Deere 5020 Diesel Tractor
N082 International Row Crop Pedal Tractor
N083 Dale Earnhardt #3 Cooler
N084 Impala AMP Energy #80  Cooler
N085 Impala #33 -Clint Boywer- Cheerios Cooler
N086 Post Office SSP Sign  17″ X 7″
N087 Firestone Clock
N088 Western Auto Transport Truck
N089 1950’s Microphone on Stand
N090 White Rose Curling Game
N091 1970’S Supertest Promotional Prints (6)
N092 1960 Cash Register
N093 1960 Kendall  Motor Oil Clock
N094 1960 Valvoline Clock
N095 1965 ENJOY PESPI Clock
N096 Nostalgia Coca-Cola Cooler with Original Box – NOS- MINT
N097 Campbell’s Soup Warmer -used in Diner
N098  Kist Push Bar – Porcelain
N099  Supertest Garbage Can
N100 Original 1950’s  Pepsi Cooler
N101 Light-Up Supertest Sign 12″
N102 Light-Up Coca-Cola  Sign 12″
N103 Counter Top Light-Up Coca-Cola Sign Box
N104 Counter Top Light-Up Mountain Dew Sign Box
N105 Orange Crush Light-Up Sign Box- Counter Top
N106 Harley Davidson Gumball Machine
N107 GM Dealership Sign    25″ x 25″ x 9″
N108 Framed Budweiser  NFL Can Display – 45″ x 32″ x 3 1/2″
N109 Supertest Cash Register
N110 Hamilton Spectator Thermometer  36″ x 8″
N111 Bud Light “OPEN” Neon – 3 Colours
N112 Bud Light “UFL”  Neon – 2 Colours
N113 Shock Top Neon -5 Colours
N114 Marlboro  Neon – 5 Colours
N115 Texaco Oil Can Display
N116 Quaker State Thermometer
N117 Quaker State  DSP Sign    29″ x 26″
N118  Tow Truck Pedal Car
N119 Peddle Through Time DSP Sign from Toy Store  46″ x 6″ x 5″
N120 Coca-Cola Policeman with Base- Reproduction
N121 Trico Wiper Blade Cabinet -RESTORED
N122 Marquette Battery Charger- Restored to DELCO
N123 Coca-Cola -Racing Family Pedal Car
N124 Coca-Cola Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pedal Car- #1 Racing Racing
N125 1957 Chevy Neon – 3 Colours
N126 Woodie Wagon in Palm Tree Setting Neon-5 Colours
N127 1968 Chevelle Neon – 3 Colours
N128 Hot Rod Garage Neon- 3 Colours
N129 1960″s Hot Pink Rock & Roll Pedal Car
N130 Texaco Havoline Advertising Pedal Car
N131 Rusty Wallace #2 Miller Beer Cooler
N132 Candy Store Scale
N133  Full Size Nascar Racing Hood
N134  Pair of Drive-In Speakers
N135 SuperShell Gumball Machine
N136 Slot Machine – Working with Tokens
N137 1950’s Diner Booth Jukebox
N138 1950’s Light -Up Ash Tray
N139 Coca cola Cash Register
N140 Coca-Cola Table with 2 Chairs
N141 Anco Wiper Blade Cabinet
N142 1957 Monroe  Load Leveller Sign  D/S -French & English
N143 Quaker State Sign -French
N144 Cast Iron- Bus Stop No parking by Order of Police Sign
N145 Prestone Anti-Freeze Porcelain Thermometer 36″ x 8″
N146 Parking Meter-  Ford
N147 Parking Meter  – Chevy
N148 1950’s Pin-Up Cards 25 cent Vending Machine – some decks of card still inside
N149  U-haul Truck & Trailer
N150 Cold Beer Coors Light Neon- 2 Colours
N151 Free Beer Tomorrow Neon – 2 Colours
N152 Budweiser Great American Lager Neon- 2 Colours
N153 Budweiser “Here’s to the Heroes-Armed Forces Neon -3 Colours
N154 Budweiser Harley Neon- 2 Colours
N155 Light-Up Harley Sign – 4 ft.
N156 White Rose Light-Up Sign – 12″
N157 Wooden Soap Box Derby Racer
N158 1942 Thistle Pedal Tractor
N159 1961 Cigarette Machine
N160 Trico Windshield Wiper Blade Cabinet
N161 Firestone Precision Wheel Balancer
N162 Mobilgas Pegasus Neon- 2 Colours
N163 Ford Mustang Neon – 3 Colours
N164 Cadillac Service Neon -3 Colours
N165 Ford Mustang Bottle Cap Neon
N166 Genuine Chevrolet Parts Bottle Cap Neon
N167 7-UP Thermometer
N168 1930 Raybestos Clock
n169 Anco Steel Wiper Blade Cabinet
N170 Chevrolet Genuine Parts D/S  Sign
N171  Pennzoil DSP Sign   31″ x 18″
N172 Metal Desk – Restored to Harley Davidson
N173 2 Drawer File Cabinet – Restored to White Rose
N174 2 Piece Tool Box – Custom So-Cal Speed Shop Logos
N175 Weaver Head Light Aimer
N176 Coca -Cola Push Bar – Porcelain
N177 Orange Crush Push Bar – Porcelain
N178 Corona Neon
N179 Toronto Maple Leafs Neon
N180 Authorized Harley Davidson Service Flashing Neon – 48″
N181 Coca-Cola Flashing Neon – 3 Colours  -48″
N182 Iced Cold Coca-Cola Neon -36″
N183 Texaco Adjustable Flashing Neon -2 Colours 36″
N184 Texaco Adjustable Flashing Neon -2 Colours 36″
N185 Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird Neon -2 Colours
N186 Corvette Speed Shop Flashing Neon -2 Colours
N187 Ford V8 Neon – 2 Colours
N188 JEEVES The Wooden Butler -6 Feet
M189 1955 Dominion Royal Tires DSP Sign
N190 GM Parts Sign -Reproduction
N191 Goodyear Airplane Tires Neon -48″
N192 Used Cars Safety Tested Neon – 4 Colours
N193 Chevrolet Corvette Adjustable Flashing Neon – 7 Colours
N194 1968 Original Firestone Single Sided Porcelain Neon – 3 Colours
N195 Goodyear Plastic Letter Sign- 18″ -with hardware & template
N196 Wagner Brake Bleeder Ball
N197 John Deere Trash Can
N198 1930’s Orange Crush Counter-Top Dispenser
N199 Coca- Cola Coin Changer
N200 Coca- Cola Flange
N201 Early Country Store Coffee Grinder
N202 Supertest Wiper Blade Cabinet
N203 Totem Pole
N204 White Rose Chalkboard Boy
N205  Fire Hydrant
N206 Small Antique Floor Safe
N207  RETRO Pepsi Table & Stools
N208 Texaco Neon
N209 Brass Cash Register
N210  1950’S Pepsi Fountain Dispenser
N211  Pennzoil Sign with Pennzoil Oil Base
N212 Elvis” is in the building” -singing-Life Size Statue
N213 Amusement Park Carousel Horse – mounted on a Coca- Cola Base
N214 Original Texaco Letters
N215 ESSO D/S Sign with Original Bracket
N216  Supertest D/S Sign  with Original Bracket
N217 Double Lubester Tank Cart
N218 Vendo 39 Coke Machine
N219 1950’S Barber Shop Pole
N220 1900’s Oak Barber Chair
N221  Dirty Dozen Condom Machine
N223 Gulf Gas Pump
N224 Bally Night Rider Pinball Machine -Working
N225 1977 Bobby Orr Power Player Pinball- Fantastic Original Condition
N226 Restored 1930″s Penny Scale
N227 CD Bubbler Jukebox- some Cd’s & Manual Included
N228 Oil Can Rack- restored  Supertest
N229  Red Indian Aviation Fuel Pedal Plane
N231 Michelin Man Compressor
N232 Bennett GAS PUMP-  Supertest
N233 Wayne Gas Pump Restored – Texaco Fire Chief
N234 White Rose DSP Sign
N235 Goodyear Sign with Original Bracket – Base
N236 1970’s Jukebox Full of Records-Working
N237 Bowser 585 Gas Pump Restored – White Rose/En-Ar-Co
N238 Tokheim Gas Pump Restored – Red Indian
N239 Original 1930’s Gilbarco Clock-Faced Air Meter
N240 Uncle Sam Arcade Machine-Working
N241 Original 1929 Coca-Cola Scooter
N501 Taxi Topper
N502 Framed Galaxy Diner Print
N503 Framed Sky Vew Drive-In Print
N504 Shell Formula 1 SST Sign
N505 Brass Fire Extinguisher
N506 Corvette Drive America Bottle Cap Neon
N507 America #1 Ford Truck Bottle Cap Neon
N508 Budweiser Neon – 2 Colours
N509 Budweiser “OPEN” Neon – 2 Colours- (switch control)
N510 Budweiser Black Crown”Golden Amber Beer Neon-New In Box
N511 Drive-In Speakers
N512 Fire Call Box
N513 Texaco No Smoking SSP Sign
N514 Pepsi Bottle Cap Sign
N515 Framed Supertest Print
N516 Indian Motorcycle Neon – 3 Colours
N517 Margaritaville Neon – 9 Colours
N518 1963 Corvette Neon- 4 Colours
N519 1932 Ford Neon -3 Colours
N520 1967 Corvette Neon
N521 Buddy L Texaco Tanker Truck
N522 Texaco Gumball Machine
N523 Sunoco Gumball Machine
N524 Chevy- Parking Meter
N525 Ford -Parking Meter
N526 Rocketeer Glide Ride Wagon
N527 #3 Coca-Cola Pedal Car- Dale Earnhardt Jr. 5
N528 Coca-Cola Neon – 3 Colours
N529 Coca-Cola Neon – 3 Colours
N530 Dad’s Hot Rod Garage Neon -3 Colours
N531 1960’s Diner Booth Jukebox
N532 Beer Fridge
N533 Working Slot Machine -Complete with Tokens
N534 1940’s Penny Scale
N535  Retro Ford Table & Stools
N536 1940’s AMI Jukebox-  Complete with records
N537  Cd Jukebox-Complete with CD’s
N538 1950’s Vendo Coca-Cola  Machine
N539 1950’s  Gilbarco Air Meter-Restored Supertest
N540 1950’s Wayne Gas Pump- Restored Supertest

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